Octa Push “Françoise Hardy” Music Promo

In 2013, my extremely talented friends, Stefano Ottaviano and Ivo Sousa, decided that they wanted to make a move towards music video direction.
Throwing ideas around when they were first developing the concept,
Organising and assisting during the shoot and then with post production at night after work.
The result was a fun and spontaneous flow of visual symbolism, with the inherent energy of a duo excited to experiment and test ideas in a new realm without the restrictions of a client brief.
They have now gone on to make more promos and have been signed on as directors with a major music video production house.

You can see more of their work here


Octa Push


Direction: Ivo Sousa & Stefano Ottaviano
Creative direction: Ivo Sousa, Stefano Ottaviano & Pavel Ivanov

Direction: Ivo Sousa & Stefano Ottaviano
Production Designer/ art director: Sara Polonghini
Dop: Rina Yang
Ac: Marcell Kiss
Gaffer: Lasco Atkins
Models: Mark Fuller & Victoria Rowley
Assistants: Markus Nogueira Rosén & Toby Anthonisz

Post Production:
ISSI, Markus Nogueira Rosén, Toby Anthonisz, Pavel Ivanov