Up Dharma Down - "All The Good Things" - Official Video

Filmed in Singapore in search of inspiration for our latest single, “All the Good Things.”
With the sun setting on Marina Barrage, a stroll along Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, and the colorful boutiques of Haji Lane, we discovered experiences that inspired us – and created a music video of these memories to share with you. 
To find out about all the other good things that inspired us in Singapore, visit yoursingapore.com/ph now.

Song is also available for download on our website www.updharmadown.com



Up Dharma Down


Director: Johan Polhem
Design: Artur Weber
Animation: Fredrik Persson
Producer: Olga Kuzovina
Brand: YourSingapore
Music - Up Dharma Down
Production Company -  Chimney group - Australia