7-Eleven, Slurpee wanted to release their new dessert flavours with a stop motion video of the different flavours bursting out of a delicious Slurpee puddle.
With the time constraints in mind we decided to create this 20 second stop motion in 3D to have more control over the models and what was in the composition.  
3D Clay motion piece, designed and animated in Cinema 4D over the course of 2 weeks, commissioned by IsoBar Australia for the client 7-eleven, Slurpee.




Design/Animation: Pines and Palms
3D Modeling/Animation: Markus Nogueira Rosén, Fredrik Persson
Compositing: Fredrik Persson, Markus Nogueira Rosén
Producer: Olga Kuzovina
Composer: Frank Sablotny
Brand: 7-eleven, Slurpee
Agency: IsoBar Australia
Production Company:Betty Wants In