We Are Shining - Wheel

Music video made at The Mill


The band needed more than a video, they needed a back-story. Working alongside the band, the Mill+ team conceptualised the idea of creating both a tumblr of influences and a video.
These could be viewed both ways, simply as a site full of visually resampled gifs or as a single narratively connected promo.

The band provided us with a vast collection of stills and video that represented their influences and inspiration and from this we clustered the material around common themes such as tribalism, consumerism, destruction, sexuality and modern symbolism.
The task was then to restyle these into the band's aesthetic and fit them into a cohesive narrative.


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We Are Shining

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+ 
Director: Carl Addy
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Illustration: Carl Addy, Simon Landrein
Design: Carl Addy, Alexandra Pelham
AFX: Matt Whitewood, Kwok Lam, Markus Nogueira Rosén
Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Will Barnett
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
2D Artists: Bob Granger
Colourist: Houmam Abdallah